Blockchain folk hero Nandy Martin hopes to build a better community for Haitians in Miami By Cointelegraph

Haiti, a Western Caribbean country torn by a tragic past, natural disasters, poor leadership and ineffective foreign aid, is not a country that comes to people’s minds when they think of blockchain adoption. For years, Haiti has been among the world’s poorest countries in terms of GDP per capita, as per data from the World Bank.

But Haitian-Canadian entrepreneur Nandy Martin, colloquially known as Captain Haiti for wandering the streets of his community in his superhero attire and signature shield prop, has ambitious goals to change that. Operating from the sunny domains of his humble abode in Miami’s Little Haiti, Martin launched the Little Haiti Coin on the blockchain as an initiative to clean up his community, drive business crypto adoption and use it as a means to promote Haitian imports. In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Captain Haiti discussed the dynamics of the Little Haitian Coin and the technological roadmap of the project going forward.