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Great News! Orbs Farming & Single-stake Goes Live on Pangolin
  • Orbs Farming & Single-Stake goes live on Pangolin.
  • The ORBS-AVAX pool now allows Pangolin users to farm PNG tokens
  • And earn ORBS tokens in Pangolin’s Single-Stake feature.

Pangolin launches farming and single-stake feature for ORBS after recently introducing the Orbs tokens to their platform. By giving liquidity to the ORBS-AVAX pool, users can now farm Pangolin’s native token, PNG, which can subsequently be staked to acquire ORBS tokens.

To note, Pangolin is a community-driven decentralized exchange based on and uses the same automated market-making (AMM) model as . It has a native governance token called PNG that is fully community distributed and can trade all tokens issued on and Avalanche.

Pangolin’s launch of ORBS farming and staking is yet another crucial step in the Orbs community’s Avalanche footprint. This follows the Avalanche network’s other successful protocol integrations, such as AvaScan and Trader Joe.

Pangolin Orbs Farming

By adding liquidity to the ORBS-AVAX pool, Orbs token holders can earn PNG tokens. When you provide liquidity to the pool, you will obtain PGL tokens, which are a reflection of your pool ownership. Users can then deposit their PGL tokens in the Orbs farm to earn PNG rewards by participating in liquidity mining.

Earn Orbs by Staking PNG

Users can deposit and stake their PNG tokens to earn ORBS using Pangolin’s Single-stake functionality, which eliminates the risk of temporary loss. Single-staking is a very simple and user-friendly method. In line with this, Pangolin put together a quick tutorial on how to use this function.

Remarkably, Orbs is one of only four tokens added to Pangolin’s staking at the moment. This is a huge vote of confidence in the Orbs project from Pangolin. Moreover, Orbs has a competitive advantage in many DeFi applications due to its unique features built for interoperability, mainly with EVM-compatible blockchains, as well as its decentralized network of nodes.

What Is The AnySwap Bridge And How Do I Use It?

Not to mention, using the AnySwap cross-chain bridge, the ORBS token is now available on the Avalanche (AVAX) Mainnet. Besides that, AnySwap may also be used to connect ORBS tokens to the BSC network, making it a three-way bridge that allows Orbs holders to transfer their tokens between the Ethereum, Avalanche, and BSC chains.

It’s a breeze to use the AnySwap cross-chain bridge. Simply choose ORBS from the token drop-down menu, then AVAX mainnet as the destination chain. The Pangolin team assures its users that there are more Orbs and Avalanche news in the near future.

Please Take Note

The use of Pangolin, Trader Joe, the AnySwap bridge, AvaScan, the Avalanche mainnet, and the other platforms and services mentioned above is fraught with danger. By their very nature, digital assets and decentralized finance products are high-risk, experimental, and volatile. Security and economic concerns and exploits may exist for such platforms and services, and transactions may be irrevocable, final, and without refunds. Such use entails the danger of significant financial loss.

Any usage of the above-mentioned platforms, applications, and/or services is at your own risk, and you are completely responsible for all transaction decisions. You should conduct your own research and independently review any third-party services and platforms, as well as any applicable information terms, conditions, or policies.

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