Mark Cuban is leaving ‘Shark Tank.’ Here’s how some of his investments on the show have done

Mark Cuban is jumping out of the Shark Tank.

The entrepreneur is winding up his 13-year tenure on the reality show to spend more time with his family and running his online pharmacy at the end of this season. And in that time, he has invested over $19 million, according to Sharkalytics, a website that tracks how much the investors have put into companies on the show.

Cuban tells the Dallas Morning News he has actually invested closer to $29 million when all is said and done. But after all that time, he says, he’s made back more than that in cash and market value.

Cuban has invested in 85 companies on Shark Tank, per the Sharkalytics numbers. His largest investment was a $2 million buy-in to Ten Thirty One Productions, which created and produces haunted houses and more, for 20% of the business.

While he says he doesn’t have a favorite deal among that collection, there are a few that have stood out for him over the years.

Prep Expert – Cuban invested $200,000 in this SAT/ACT prep tool. At the time, it had amassed $1.2 million in revenue over the previous four years. Today, founder Shaan Patel says the company has annual revenues of $5 million.

Beatbox Beverages – Growing pains almost made this premade cocktail company collapse after its appearance on Shark Tank, where Cuban invested $1 million for a 33% ownership stake. Cuban and his brother served as advisors, with Jeff Cuban now holding a seat on the board. The company had $100 million in revenue last year and its products are now available in every state.

Breathometer – Cuban sank $1 million into this company that claimed it could determine blood alcohol levels via a smartphone accessory. Every Shark put money into the company, but the Federal Trade Commission later alleged the company’s product could not accurately do what it claimed—and Breathometer had to issue refunds to all of its customers. The company is still around today, but focuses on oral hygiene.

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