Bright Wealth Platform

The Bright Wealth Multi-Banking Platform goes beyond aggregation -it is a digital home for your holistic wealth!

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Consistent updates and 24/7 access to your total wealth, including bankable and non-bankable assets.


Interactive and intuitive front-end


Stakeholder access (individualized access rights – e.g. partial, read-only access for an external advisor on selected assets)


Secure messaging, task and document management


Curator services for hands-on management, particularly of non-bankable assets.


Bright Wealth Platform

With strong focus on security, our technology is developed and hosted in Switzerland and serviced out of the UAE, enabling our clients to create simplicity for their complex wealth data.

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Consolidate your total wealth.

We offer a totally new experience to achieve transparency and interact with your total wealth.

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Time is money.

Leave tedious consolidation and controlling exercises behind you and focus on more important things.

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Knowledge is power.

We take the right decisions, based on up to date wealth information, wherever and whenever you want.

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Trust your partners but verify.

Regain control over your assets and keep track of your service providers’ activities.

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Keep your data safe.

Regain ownership of your own wealth data and keep it under control and close to you.

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Communicate in a secure way.

Use a secure communication platform for sharing sensitive information amongst your trusted partners.

Interested in using the Bright Wealth Platform?

The Bright Wealth Platform will make your banking needs easier! If you are already a client, please contact us to set up your access, otherwise please contact us for an initial DEMO meeting at your preferred time.