Simplex partners with highly anticipated crypto-game, Kryptomon, in the institution’s first ever NFT gaming partnership By BTC Peers

Simplex partners with highly anticipated crypto-game, Kryptomon, in the institution’s first ever NFT gaming partnership By BTC Peers

Simplex partners with highly anticipated crypto-game, Kryptomon, in the institution’s first ever NFT gaming partnership

Kryptomon, the highly anticipated crypto NFT game that attracted more than 100,000 people to register interest in it across its nine-day launch period, has announced that it has partnered with EU-licensed financial institution, Simplex, in what will be the institution’s first ever NFT gaming partnership. With plans to make cryptocurrency accessible to the masses, the partnership will prove to be a big step in Kryptomon’s journey towards achieving this goal.

With over 100k registered members the highly anticipated cryptogame, Kryptomon, recently made its currency – KMON – available to the public, leading to a 10x increase in the value of the token. Kryptomon has now revealed that they have partnered with the renowned financial institution, Simplex.

This marks the first NFT gaming partnership for Simplex, which already works with more than 350 partners worldwide, including Binance, Visa (NYSE:), Poloniex, KuCoin and TrustWallet. The institution works with partners to make crypto more accessible to the wider community, offering both users and partners a trustworthy and efficient way to purchase cryptocurrency using fiat currency.

While the current process for joining Kryptomon and buying the cryptocurrency (KMON) involves a lengthy, 8-step process, this partnership will drastically change the way users can access the platform, and KMON. By partnering with Simplex, Kryptomon’s process for purchasing KMON will be reduced to just two short and simple steps:

1. Users download the Kryptomon game onto their phone, which will come pre-loaded with a crypto wallet capable of storing $KMON.

2. Users input their debit/credit card details just like any other online purchase and purchase $KMON using their respective currency, instantly.

Brains Behind Kyptomon:

Consulted and backed by some of the leading gaming developers in the world who have previously worked on iconic games like Call of Duty: Black Ops – Kryptomon is a fun new cryptogame that offers digital, unique pets that are connected to an NFT, making cryptocurrency accessible to the masses.

Users play as Trainers who care for, breed, and even battle their Kryptomons using the in-game currency, KMON. As they progress, Trainers can play to win prizes and progress themselves and their Kryptomon further up in the league.

Umberto Canessa Cerchi (founder of Kryptomon), remarks:

“We are over the moon to be partnering with Simplex. From the inception of Kryptomon, our goal has been to continue making it the best possible version of itself to ensure users have the best experience that we can provide them with. This partnership is a huge step on our journey towards achieving that goal, as not only will the processes for purchasing KMON be made easier for our registered users, but those interested in becoming Kryptomon Trainers can do so easily and with the knowledge that their transactions are safe and protected.”

“While there are 41.9 million crypto gamers out there, there are also 2.5 billion gamers who either have no interest in crypto, don’t understand it or perhaps don’t trust it. We want to make crypto something that is accessible and trustworthy to all. With industry titans like Simplex and a renowned game studio standing behind Kryptomon, it will be a really exciting journey to see just where Kryptomon will end up in a year’s time. 2.5 billion Gamers, we’re coming for you!”

The Kryptomon Game is due to be launched at the end of 2021, ready for Trainers to “Train, Breed, Find and Fight” – let the adventure begin!

What is Kryptomon?

Kryptomon is a highly-anticipated crypto NFT game that runs on BSC. Kryptomon will be a more appealing option to the mainstream players unlike other platforms that charge higher fees for transactions. Community members play as ‘Trainers’ of their own individual monsters – Kryptomons – each of which are a completely unique digital asset connected to an NFT. Each has a unique but mutable genetic code (genotype) that determines all of the aspects – physical and behavioural – of the creature.

In short – think Pokémon meets CryptoKitties and Tamagotchi.

KMON tokens can be used by Kryptomon Trainers to breed their creatures, as well as to buy items and power ups within the game itself.

The timeline of Kryptomon

Currently Kryptomon is in ‘Phase 0’, where users can secure themselves an egg and trade with other Trainers. So far, 5,556 eggs have been collected in total, and eggs can now only be acquired via the secondary market or through Kryptomon’s egg lottery. Community members had the chance to win one of 100 eggs taken from the original batch in the lottery, including a super rare ‘Gen 0 egg’, which was available until 22nd August.

‘Phase 1’ is where the Kryptomon eggs will begin to hatch and Trainers will need to nurture their creatures, using KMON to enhance or breed their Kryptomons. This phase is due to happen towards the end of Q3 2021.

‘Phase 2’ will follow in late Q4 2021, which will be the ‘battle’ stage. Trainers will be able to fight each other’s creatures for the opportunity to win single battles and even tournaments, with prize money available.


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