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The Wealth Management Symposium

A Cutting-Edge Workshop and Seminar That Incorporates 3 Key Elements:

  • Representation of the 3 key Regions : Middle East, Asia and Europe
  • PLUS! In-depth panel discussion and opportunity for extensive Q&A
  • PLUS! Round Tables addressing the hottest and most recent updates and developments that affect the market!

In a constantly shifting and mobile world, new wealth rises, new regions and locations in Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere are competing with traditional centers like Switzerland and the UK for the lines of services and products offered, claiming a portion of the investment and asset placement globally.

With Wealth Management becoming a major point of interest for the GCC market and its associated institutions, this program offers insights into applications of Wealth Management by presenting market principles from Switzerland, the Middle East and Asia. Its scope is to provide banking and financial services professionals a clear view of best practices and offer those tools that will assist in developing a localized value proposition focusing on an international audience/clientele on Wealth Management and Asset Allocation.